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At one point when we weren’t working we went down to a creek and tried to get Josh to catch a crawdad because Liam didn’t know what one was. Little did we know it was a crawfish and had we called it that he would have understood.

Then I saw one and I was like “catch it, catch it, catch it.” And it was a leech and it stuck to Josh’s hand. We all screamed and Liam and I took off and Josh was stuck with a leech on his hand [we’re laughing at this point]. Then we went to Walmart and bought (toy) weapons like slingshots. Josh got a basketball. I think Liam got some weird helmet.

Jennifer Lawrence (x)

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Josh handling rude paparazzi questioning calmly when he doesn’t have to and shouldn’t have to deal with this bullshit.

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Jennifer Lawrence to Perform A Capella Piece for ‘Mockingjay – Part 1’ Score |


The score features an a capella piece performed by Jennifer Lawrence. The melody was written by The Lumineers.

In the film, The Hanging Tree starts as an a capella performance by Katniss (Jen Lawrence). She is joined first by birds (Mockingjays), then groups of rebels as the song morphs more into score. James adds choir and orchestra and it builds to an amazing crescendo with an enormous action shot. It’s a huge musical moment on the film. It also appears as second end title spot, after Yellow Flicker Beat.”